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    amykwok Mar 12 '05 3

    Some pictures of studio and providence.

    the day of our first big crit for the semester...everyone's downstairs installing

    a frequent architecture student haunt

    an even more frequent architecture student haunt. so HdM....but not.



    • bryan boyer
      Mar 12, 05 7:16 pm

      I watched a car bounce off the bebe and then impact that wall at high speed in 2001. Neither faired very well and the wall is now (one bay?) smaller than it used to be.

      David Cuthbert
      Mar 14, 05 8:26 am

      How is the main drag (I frequented it often - can you tell whilst do Pre-college at Brown - the memories of illicity activities in a gawd-foresaken town) - Providence

      Sep 7, 05 2:41 pm

      What the heck are those blue things in the BEB? And why didn't we have them!

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