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    09/09 spatial nightmares

    duke19_98 Sep 9 '04 0

    The stress is already here. I can feel my hair falling out as I type.

    Last weekend I started to build a structural model at 1/16th scale. Keep in mind that the existing building I'm working on is a 100,000+ sq.ft school that was built in 1910. Needless to say it has its fair share of columns. Anyhow, halfway into the model my professor decided the exercise was still to complex to get a full grasp of the space. (One of the main goals was to "discover the spatial qualities of the existing space) Anyhow, I'm now stepping backward a little and simplifying these abstractions again into simple geometric shapes. Beulinckx and I talked a lot about how my site is in an urban chasm and how a parti diagram is really important for this project. So, In addition to working on some abstractions of the existing building spaces, I'm starting to construct some parti sketches.

    For now, here is some sketchup work I've done so far.



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