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    duke19_98 Sep 2 '04 0

    This summer I documented the existing structure. Previously the only architectural drawings that existed were some electrical plans from 71. I used these plans along with photographs I took to create floor plans and elevations. See the images below.

    I had my first Crit today. Buelinckx suggested that I abstract the plans I created. I'm going to get rid of everything except the load bearing walls and columns. The new drawings will allow me to see the structure more clearly as I begin to merge the new programmed spaces into the existing context.

    This weekend I will be finishing my site model, completing the abstractions, produce a few sections, and possibly a physical model of the solids and voids. I'm hoping these exercises will help me to understand the formal vocabulary that exists in the structure. Once this is understood I can start to add and subtract from the existing resulting in a new juxtaposition of forms.

    Crap...I need to get to work because I'm also going to rock out at a Metallica concert and Dove season starts this weekend. I love Labor Day Weekend!

    Floor Plates:



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