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  • The Archinect Online Job Application System just got even easier for employers to stay organized and find new hires!

    We're happy to release some updates to Archinect's Job Application System, as part our ongoing effort to make the hiring process as efficient as possible for the thousands of firms that advertise job opportunities on Archinect.

    The Online Job Application System is likely not familiar to most of you, since it's only visible to firms that post jobs, and opt to use the Online Job Application System to organize the applications.

    This system was developed, from the beginning, as a cloud-based tool to organize and manage job applicants, allowing recruiters to efficiently browse applications in a consistent format, using Archinect's People profiles/portfolios

    For those of you that have used it, these updates will hopefully make your experience that much easier. Here's a summary of the new features:

    New "Star" Rating
    Previously we offered a simple "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" rating system, but we eventually discovered that many of you wished for an additional rating option to indicate especially worthy job applicants. So, we now welcome the new "Star" rating, to let you quickly find the applicant(s) that stand out the most.

    New Quick "View Application" Window
    We've changed the previous two links (View Cover Letter & Visit Profile) to a single "View Application" link that opens up a modal window with a summary of the job applicant's experience and information, adjacent to his/her cover letter.

    This new window will provide the recruiter with an overview of the applicant, which is often enough information to determine if the applicant is worth pursuing or not. From this window the recruiter can rate the applicant, contact the applicant, and make notes about the applicant for reference later (see "Notes") below. The recruiter can also proceed to get more information about the applicant by clicking through to his/her Archinect profile for a more thorough overview of the applicant's portfolio and qualifications.

    This new "View Application" window also allows the recruiter to quickly, browse applicants using the next/back navigation buttons, eliminating the need to return back to the long list of applicants to access other applications.

    This is a really helpful new tool that allows the recruiter to make notes about an applicant, for later reference. The Notes feature also allows the the recruiter to share the application and notes with colleagues. This is especially useful for firms that assign one recruiter to review all the applications, but like to get more people involved in the final selections once the crowd of applicants is filtered down. This is a great place to keep track of interview times, interview notes, contact information, etc.

    To use Archinect's Online Application System, just opt-in while posting a new job ad, or you can edit your existing job ad at any time and begin using it...

    As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue working on ways to improve our platform.

  • Announcing Custom URL's - Get your own, short, personalized Archinect web address!

    We're very happy to release a long-anticipated feature - custom URL's! This feature is for those of you who have individual profiles, firm profiles, and/or blogs. School profiles can also be customized by the administrators of the profile. Check it out: Get Started To...

  • NEW! Include your role and credit others for the projects you upload

    Today we've released a small, yet important, update to the projects upload/edit forms - the ability to specifically state your role in the project, and give credit to others involved. We all know that architecture is almost always a collaborative effort, so it's always important to be specific...

  • NEW! Search by distance from a location!

    We're really excited to unleash our latest feature on Archinect... one of the most requested features from our users, in fact... radius searching! This new search ability is applied to the following sections: Jobs Talent Finder Firms Schools To give you an example of how helpful this new feature...

  • Archinect's new Account Settings page

    Good news - accessing and editing your account and profile settings just got a whole lot easier! We recently launched the completely redesigned Account Edit Settings page which is the new one-stop control center for Archinect users to manage their account and (if applicable) profiles, blogs...

  • Introducing the School Student/Alumni/Faculty Project Galleries

    Yesterday we quietly released an exciting new addition to the School Profiles. The new project galleries showcase the work of students, alumni and faculty from each school. Want to add your work to your school's project gallery? It's easy - just add your projects to your portfolio in your...

  • NEW: Add your PDF Portfolio to your Archinect Profile!

    Are you one of those people who have spent hours... days... weeks... months... perfecting your print portfolio? If so, you're probably one of those people who has wished you could share all that hard work on your Archinect profile. Well, we have good news for you today! PDF portfolios embedded on...

  • Lil' update: resolving confusion between private and public profile URL

    Tagged profile, url

    We've received some confused emails from some of our members recently, indicating when a link to a profile is sent to potential employers, the employer reports that the link doesn't properly direct to the profile. The reason is because when you access your own profile from the button in the...

  • Change to the Archinect portfolio project page template

    As many of you have informed us, the project page template for people & firm portfolios was often encountering functionality problems in the Chrome browser. We've changed the format of the project page, so this problem should now be resolved. As you can see in this example, a project uploaded...

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