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    Le Corbusier or Hans Scharoun?

    Mitch McEwen
    Nov 27, '12 9:04 PM EST

    1927 in Stuttgart, Germany.  I'll give the answer in my next real post.


    • scharoun, most definitely. in the development curated by mies, just around the block from two projects by corb, one by oud, one by mies, .... 

      Nov 27, 12 4:25 pm

      trick question, it's gehry!

      Nov 27, 12 4:43 pm

      its what Steven Ward said above...

      Nov 27, 12 9:14 pm

      Yes, that all-white development, what was it called?  It was amazing. Corb's work there was very rectilinear, as I recall.

      Nov 27, 12 11:11 pm

      Weissenhof Estate (siedlung)

      Nov 28, 12 12:11 am

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