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    #29: The 1% Gets All The Good Stuff

    Anthony Sunga Feb 25 '12 0

    Song: 212 by Azealia Banks (Harlem Hipsters Holler!!)
    Place: Living Room Studio
    Time: 4:43 PM

    I had a lovely chat with my old studio critic Christoph a. Kumpusch about this semester's Year 1 studio projects.  He showed me some great study models by his student Joem Elias Sanez. He is designing a bank (see below). The light table looks much better ever since they changed the acrylic top. That thing used to look like a hooker's coffee table.

    He took parts from computers, old-timey appliances, tossed out electronics, and odd bits. Cut em up, reassembled, and made spatial implications with the new objects.

    He has a personal blog which can be accessed here.

    I particularly like the camera chassis, reminds me of Lebbeus Woods' High House meets 1984. 

    I'll be attending their mid review to see what the others are up to!

    Credit to Joem Elias Sanez for sending me these images


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