Saeed Tabrizi

Saeed Tabrizi

Carmichael, CA, US

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Main Entries
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Parlin Commerce Center Shell Building

“Parlin Commerce Center” was a conversion of an existing old 40,000SF warehouse to 11 commercial and office condominiums.
Existed warehouse was old, exhausted, and out of date in order to compete with new building in its neighborhood. It needed rejuvenation, strengths and freshness in design so it could stand above neighborhood building standards. I respected the existance of the building which had been living in this neighborhoud for over 25 years by restoring of old façades and adding new structure and modern elements with colorful aluminum clad, perforated and corrugated metals; as well as specific hidden lightings to achieve design goals. This addition independently presents itself as a contemporary architecture which complies and connects with the old building.

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Status: Built
Location: Rancho Cordova California
My Role: Designer/ Construction Project Director
Additional Credits: Patiav Design/ Rockwell Construction Inc.

Additional Steel Structures & Skylights
Additional Steel Structures & Skylights

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