Saeed Tabrizi

Saeed Tabrizi

Carmichael, CA, US

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House of Moon

This beautiful house designed for a property located in North of Tehran. Rear view was  Alborz mountains and front view,  City of Tehran and a deep creek in Eastern side. I added a bridge for the main access to the house.
Concrete structure of this building is magnificent, no columns and no beams, works like a sponge of concrete, the best in design that could resist earthquake.
In 1992, latest AutoCAD version was Ver.6, and computers were so slow and not advanced for 3D design. I had to turn most of the layers off and let a few layers on to be able to complete the project design and leave  the computer on working overnights to prepare a 3D perspective or each of the plans. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: North of Tehran
My Role: Designer

3D Plan Views
3D Plan Views

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