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The design vision for Bawadi Park is to create a walkable “micro-city” where buildings and public spaces are seamlessly interwoven in a single network. The design concentrates a significant level of built development along the perimeter of a gracious open space known as Bawadi Park. Bawadi Park lies at the very heart of this four-block project both in terms of its location and in terms of its significance. Surrounded on all four sides by built development with an unmistakably urban feel, Bawadi Park functions within its immediate urban environment like Central Park does within Manhattan or Hyde Park does within London: it provides a retreat for city-dwellers in the middle of a dense, high-energy urban environment. Central to the design vision is an appreciation of the delicate relationship between urban density and energy consumption. In this vision, land is treated as a precious resource in which vertical expansion is the only truly efficient possibility for urban growth.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Dubai, UAE
My Role: Design Leader
Additional Credits: with EEK team

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