Washington, DC, US



An absurd Assembly

The majority of contemporary architecture is interested in concretizing a certain idea of form. While almost every attempt of making architecture seems Largely rely on either a typology of shapes or a rhetoric of complex geometry. It has become a mechanism of control in contemporary architecture design. No matter how sophisticated the techniques are, the form still exists as an underlying framework, static and rational.

In my thesis, I propose a more expressive, decidedly intuitive way to abstract and dilute the ideas through letting go the control of the overall form but exploit the unintentional and exaggerate it through unreasonable fantasy. Indulge the overwhelming and unrelated strands of thoughts can lead to the absurd and maybe if possible, an unpredictable assembly as an outcome...

Instead of balanced, elegant and skillful , I want to produce disproportionate, absurd and raw as a unique sensibility to both the content and the form. yet still in a very sentimental context.

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Status: School Project