Washington, DC, US


DENSE RHYTHM_omotasando fashion museum

this design is an research and study of having a project of lines instead of a project of surfaces. The super dense  refers  to the city context, the contrast between the building and the surrounding, the program and the challenge of how to create a space built by lines.  Beyond the boundary of the structure, membranes or envelopes,  this design merges them together while providing an efficient space in the dense of tokyo. The thickens of the strings wall create an buffer space from the outside, it also support itself as well as the lateral force of the building and provide a column-free space for the museum. its not a surface, but it create a strong felling of surface by having a super dense pattern and hierarchies.

the strings system describes how the  pattern transfer from the facade into the building and depart the space.  Also it shows a serial of variations in terms of scripting to generate different patterns. We used different methods to control it ranges from density, orientation, thickness or color. We could control the density or the thickness in order to create a  pattern of more or less transparency or even a solid facade to response the environmental interaction. We designed the way that the strings were generated and build the bounding box as a volume to contain the strings. The unpredictability of the scripting create variations of density in certain area and some part of it just fade out  and become the access between different spaces. More particular for this project,  it is more important to research how to apply the technique scripting-wield onto the integrated building rather than explore how the strings could operate architecturally.  

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Status: School Project