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AJ Barratt Home of the Future

This scheme, which was a finalist in the AJ Barratt Home of the Future competition, developed the idea of one building that can be adapted into four homes, responding to the four stages of family life, with each home is derived from an identical base.

The home is designed to be able to grow and adapt over the lifetime of the family, according to changing need. The homes have been designed to be adaptable to changing technology and for the community to be engaged in managing and controlling their shared environment in such a way that will respond to local needs as well as foster a strong community.

Over time, as the neighbourhood changes, each home will retain a sense of individual identity, privacy and arrangement of internal spaces that meet the need of the family. The strategy for extending the home allows for customer choice within a guiding set of clear design principles.

The idea is to develop a unique construction system with Barratt Homes that will bring to the market a building that is capable of growing and adapting over its lifespan. It will be designed to anticipate improving thermal performance requirements as well as resolving structural, party wall, weathering and waterproofing requirements in its abutments and connections. This process of developing and refining our idea for the benefit of creating a product that is marketable and profitable means it has potential to be a truly innovative design.

As a home of the future it responds to changing family structures, will provide greater support to homebuyers through the option of home improvement and provides external/shared spaces derived from ongoing observational research at ZCD into how people use shared space in housing schemes across the UK.

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Status: Competition Entry