Yusuf Ogün Sarıca

Yusuf Ogün Sarıca

Eskisehir, TR


Life Cycle

The project is about the life cycle and I was handle this idea with the life of a butterfly. There are three different part which represents birth, grow up and die. On the middle floor, there are cracking butterfly egg which represents the birth. Baby caterpillars are climbing up to the top floor and turn into a butterfly. It represents the grow up and get into life and getting experiences. Then getting older and fall to the bottom part which represents death but we want to show that in a good way because of that use some sapling (baby three) to death body also gives life to another form like three.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tokyo, JP
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Chiba University, Uchida Yoko and Okamura Corporation companies.