Yusuf Ogün Sarıca

Yusuf Ogün Sarıca

Eskisehir, TR


Fisherman House

This project was my graduation project. I was start this project by writing a scenario for the movie, then design a movie poster and lastly designed the scene area in the movie which is a fisherman house. When I started the project, I first tried to think about the life of a fisherman on the sea, and I imagined what was important to him when traveling over the sea. I was inspired by three basic things. The circularity of the boat, the row of wooden elements on the surface of the boat and finally the need to fit a lot of things into the narrow space when he travels. So I chose a small house and paid much attention to functionality. In the design of the house, I used two things inspired by the boat.These were the sequential wooden elements we saw on the walls, floor and ceiling and the second was the use of circular forms inspired by the ship on my windows. If you want to see the trailer of the movie and to learn the idea behind this design please open this link.

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Status: School Project
Location: Izmir, TR
My Role: Designer