Yomna Dabat

Yomna Dabat

Brooklyn, NY, US


Stockholm Concert Hall

A design derived through investigations of paper models. Our site posed specific environmental conditions that influenced our design objectives and form. These conditions include a lack of sunlight throughout the year, with majority of the sunlight channeling in from the south in between two cliffs. This lack of sunlight drove the form of the building to angle and open up towards the sunlight in a concave, shell-like manner. The site is an island accessible from Stockholm main through ferry boats. For this reason, the building is pushed into the water and treated as an island in itself; emphasizing the design as object. The building itself is accessible through docks, similar to the ferry docks. The main entrance is lifted up, inviting visitors inside.

Stockholm Concert Hall features an outdoor seating area which, during high-tide, is flooded; similar to a sea shore. The facade of the building employs a system of exposed ribs that intend to reflect light in and off the building; in attempts to further illuminate the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Stockholm, SE