Yomna Dabat

Yomna Dabat

Brooklyn, NY, US


Detroit Modular Housing

A housing project configured of 2 standardized modular units. In order to create modules that are as adaptable and flexible as possible, these 2 module types can be arranged in various ways depending on the needs of an inhabitant. These module types are all the same dimensions (24' X 12'), further enhancing their flexible nature. Module 2 serves as a fully "shared" space whereas module 1 is semi-shared. Three conditions are approached in this project: infill, commercial, and open lot. In response to these conditions, various module configurations are proposed (A, B, and C). The block selected to conduct massing studies is located in Mexican Town in Detroit. There is a large sense of community and urge to get together, communicate, and be social. The people of Detroit seek opportunities to come together in a social environment; hence: DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US