Yawen Jin

Yawen Jin

New York, NY, US


Adaptive Building Deisgn--KAYA

Studio Work at Columbia Univeristy GSAPP
Critic: Jeffrey Inaba and Benedict Clouette
Fall 2014

In the first phasing, our scheme is about passive ventilation by raising hot air. But as Masa described with the Hulic headquarters building, it is hard to manage the air precisely and we would not want the air to rise rather than move across the bldg easily. So we change the scheme in the second phasing based on the developer's suggestion.
In the second phasing, our scheme is about cross ventilation and not rising hot air, it's probably good to shift the open areas a bit. That way the air will move across the bldg and not upward.
Because our building is medium height one challenge is its proportions. Perhaps shifting the 3 parts so that the proportion is more of 3 equal heights will help it to appear slender, and at least less like a traditional or 1930s US bldg.
Perhaps it also makes sense to see what 2 parts, similar to your previous scheme looks like with this new version? So we try two shifts as well as three shifts. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Tokyo, JP
My Role: Scheme design, Plan, Physical model and digital model making, Rendering, diagram