Xinzhi Chang

Xinzhi Chang

Blacksburg, VA, US


light instrument

This project involves the design of a Craft Brewing Education Center in Roanoke Downtown. The client is a non-profit educational group dedicated to master brewers' training and beer art and science. 

There are a lot of music events happening in Roanoke Downtown. Adding music as an element into the brewery can become a place to attract music lovers. In fitting in the temperament of the site, I made this brewery into a light instrument. Sunshine will bring out a music atmosphere, and the sun's movement will form the melody. In this way, people can experience the music atmosphere inside the building.

The roof is working as a massive sponge with many holes to invite daylight inside. Folding could be served for the idea of making a repetitive pattern for the following reasons. First, paper folding is a straightforward way to test the structure. Next, when I fold a repetitive pattern with one piece of paper, many holes can be generated. This method will help to explore different possibilities of the form.

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Status: School Project