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Portland, ME


Sea Change

In part inspired by an antique book on Japanese architecture, the architecture of this contemporary space was informed by the traditional methods of stacking structures in clean, transparent ways. The result is a contemporary home with New England and Japanese inspiration at its root.

The load-bearing features of the home were used to help define the space and impose a sense of order on the open floor plan. The kitchen acts as the command center, the shared communal space. From here, each room flows logically through the house, stacked one after the next. The house moves from entryway to kitchen to sitting area to lawn to ocean. All managed in a clear, unobstructed flow.

Entering the property from the main road, you first encounter a stand-alone garage and second-floor workspace. The driveway winds downhill for a glimpse of the garage, main house, and ocean view. A cascading covered walkway leads from structure to structure. Its steel beams mimic the natural growth of young trees. Materials such as wood walls, metal support beams, and stone accents blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

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Status: Built
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Woodhull Construction - General Contractor, Richardson Associates - Landscape Designer