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Portland, ME


Green Camp

A secluded plot of land and a desire to keep a connection to the natural surroundings led the design intention for this Maine home.

Whether coming or going, seated at the dining table, or walking down the hall, it was essential to greet and be greeted by the great outdoors.

Simple rectangular forms with distinct angles and floor-to-ceiling windows create structural beauty that emerges confidently from the wooded backdrop. Stained green eastern white cedar is set at random widths and the windows are recessed in double stud wall construction to give the exterior a feeling of depth that mimics the variety of light and shadow found in the woods. Flat roofs vary in heights with expansive windows at every turn to enhance the sense of height felt throughout the home. Any ornamental elements were stripped back making way for simplicity–and the surroundings–to speak volumes.

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Status: Built
Firm Role: Architect + General Contractor
Additional Credits: Woodhull Construction (CJS' Construction Division) - General Contractor