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Aaron Gensler appointed Chair of Architecture at Woodbury School of Architecture in LA

Nov 4, '21 1:55 PM EST
Aaron Gensler. Image courtesy of Woodbury School of Architecture
Aaron Gensler. Image courtesy of Woodbury School of Architecture

Woodbury University is pleased to announce that Aaron Gensler has been appointed Chair of Architecture in Los Angeles. Aaron joined Woodbury in 2018 as Adjunct Faculty and was quickly promoted to Assistant Chair of Architecture. Along with her new role as Chair, Aaron is an Assistant Professor at Woodbury. She has coordinated and taught a range of studios and courses in the School of Architecture and has been active as an academic advisor to student organizations within the School of Architecture, including NOMAS and ASTERISK. She also volunteers her time to mentorship and several other initiatives.

“I am excited to champion the goals and aspirations of our students and faculty as we begin a new chapter in Woodbury’s story,” says Aaron. “I will always cherish the opportunity to work with our students as they blossom into active participants within our school, the profession, and the world at large.”

Aaron is an architect, educator, and thought leader based in Los Angeles. She is one half of GenslerClipp—an architecture, design, and research practice based in southern California. Prior to forming GenslerClipp, she held design positions at a diverse array of firms from Los Angeles to Rwanda.

In addition to her academic and professional work, Aaron serves on the National Council for Madame Architect and is a member of the Board of Trustees for California College of the Arts.

Aaron received her Master of Architecture from Cornell University where she received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal and more recently was awarded a Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College where she received several accolades from the Middlebury Museum of Art, Chellis House, and the KCACTF for her work.