Wilfred Leung

Wilfred Leung

Boston, MA, US


Stadt. Parc. Donau Exhibition

Ingolstadt is currently identified as the audi kingdom. It is also one of the stations along the Danube cycling path. This brings huge economic opportunities from tourism. The project is an exhibit to promote the transformation of the Danube cycling path within the city into a park for both tourists and citizens.
The exhibition is laid out as a sequence of rooms: 1) an exterior garden exhibiting furniture selections for the park space; 2) a model of historic development of the city; 3) a series of models exhibiting station designs along the park; 4) an experiential video interaction of moments within the park; 5) a photo gallery of park activities; 6) a series of furniture models; 7) a jewelry souvenirs station. Together these rooms build an experience of what it can be like for the Donau Park. For more information, please visit

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Status: Built
Location: Ingolstadt, DE
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: OFICINAA