Wilfred Leung

Wilfred Leung

Boston, MA, US


Collective Frames

The Rural village as a return to our cultural origin has long been embedded in the Chinese mindset. The project, as a model of rural urbanization, sees agricultural production as the foundation of social life in the countryside. From production to harvest, processing to consumption, agricultural activities in the village play a crucial role in bringing together individuals and families. The project seeks to frame these celebratory moments of communal life to reassert the cultural value of agriculture in the rural context. With a model of dispersion organized based on a common framework that focuses on the rural value of sharing, proximity to nature and self-sufficiency, a series of framed collective spaces are generated to accommodate a variety of shared experiences within the family, among neighbors, and beyond. These include a communal dining space where the seasons’ harvests are celebrated and shared; a harvest courtyard where villagers peel garlic and pick peanuts as a social activity, production grounds where tourists and villagers mix and interact. Introduction of agritourism allows this culture of sharing to extend beyond the boundaries of the village. For more information, visit

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Status: School Project
Location: zhengzhou, CN
Additional Credits: Critic: Christopher Lee, Simon Whittle; Partner: Alex Medina