Willard Williams

Willard Williams

Edmonds, WA, US

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Willard Williams Architect, Phoenix, OR, US, Project Architect

Apr 2023 - current

JBS Steel and Construction, Medford, OR, US, Project Architect

Nov 2022 - current

Ronin Architects, Edmonds, WA, US, Principal

Lead designer, principal, and founder of a boutique architectural firm that has it's hand a little bit in everything. We work on traditional architectural commissions in both the commercial and residential sectors, assist architects and designers throughout the world with their production and presentation needs, as well as develop products, software and applications in and around the AEC industries.

Jun 2014 - current

AOME Architects, Seattle, WA, US, Staff Architect

Nov 2021 - Jul 2022

JTM Construction, Seattle, WA, US, VDC Manager

Dec 2019 - Nov 2021

JTM Construction, Seattle, WA, US, VDC Coordinator

May 2019 - Dec 2019

Hoffman Construction Company, Seattle, WA, US, BIM Coordinator

Aug 2016 - May 2019

Rutledge Maul Architects, Seattle, WA, US, Project Architect

May 2015 - Aug 2016

Walker Warner, San Francisco, CA, US, Digital Design Coordinator

Jan 2013 - May 2014

Rossington Architecture, San Francisco, CA, US, Project Manger, Design Technology Manager, Job Captain, Draftsmen

While working with Rossington Architecture my duties involved managing BIM models of projects throughout the bay area ranging from high end single family homes to small commercial projects, whilst developing construction documents and obtaining building permits. These duties included being the in house expert BIM user, knowing various graphic design packages, website maintenance, server management, IT, software troubleshooting and software assessment. My passion is the management of large complex BIM models and integrating various types of data from multiple different consultants all using various platforms (ranging from AutoCad, Revit, Sketch-up, Archicad, hand sketches, and etc.) all into one file, which could be connected to remotely with ease. At this organization even though the projects were of a lot smaller nature than any of my other previous experiences there were still many opportunities to explore parametric modeling means and methods, and various advanced methods for integration and design. This can be seen on a project which I managed; a 8500 sqft home with a construction cost near 6 million, on the Santa Cruz mountain range less than 500 feet from the San Andreas fault line.

Jan 2010 - Dec 2012

Gary L. McGavin, AIA, Redlands, CA, US, Freelance Draftsmen, Intern

Gary and I worked together on a lot of different projects over a long period of time. The most recent project was an ASCE publication. Created a BIM of a Kaiser surgery center from 2d drawings, then generated illustrations for the book, Earthquake protection of Building Equipment and Systems, 2012. The model included most of the mechanical and plumbing disciplines, and all architectural and structural elements greater than 4 inches in diameter. Reference: Gatscher, Jeffrey, Mcgavin, Gary, and Caldwell, Philip. Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems. Reston, Virginia: American Society of Civil Engineers, 2012, 5 (fig. 1-2), 6 (fig. 1-3, 1-4), 7 (fig. 1-5), 8 (fig. 1-8). Print.

Gary and I have had a long relationship; I worked with Gary on a number of projects for local school districts that ranged in scope from renovation, modification, code compliance adherence, tenant improvements, and additions.

Dec 2002 - Jun 2010

Structures Real Estate Development (SRED), San Antonio, TX, US, Project Manger, BIM Studio Leader, Job Captain

Managed the development of the working BIM for adult care facility.
Construction administration for a 5 story extended suite hotel.
While with this organization I was apart of a winning design team for a local large-scale design project. Two Architects, a rendering professional and myself designed 500,000 sqft of space and rendered it and printed in less than 7 days. The project was completely done with BIM software. Because of the specific type of software we using were able to connect it automatically to various other platforms, and work seamlessly to create the winning proposal.

Jun 2009 - Dec 2009

Orcutt/Winslow, Phoenix, AZ, US, Healthcare BIM Studio Leader, Project Manager, Job Captain, Draftsmen

While at Orcutt|Winslow my duties included the smooth deployment of software, team member integration within BIM files, assisting in the development of firm templates, and ensuring technical efficiency of studio members. While here I was invited to be a member of the design Technology Committee within the firm. This committee managed the software adoption, implementation, techniques for production, and discussion of emerging technologies. This was a prestigious membership extended by invitation only. The committee is composed of senior members of the firm whom projected the technical direction the firm would take, on various fronts. My other duties included project management and assistant to the project architect from schematic design through construction documents for a 50,000 sq ft tier-III data center, and 100,000 sq ft office building on a new 20 acre corporate campus. While working on this project I was responsible for the accuracy of the BIM, consultant data integration and management, file translation into and from various formats, coordination and rendering team integration with the BIM files. Another aspect of this responsibility was the integration of the 100,000 sqft office building and data center into a file joined together with live parametric data. This project represented a major milestone for the firm on various different levels. It was one of the largest projects of this type the firm had worked on. It was also one of the more complex projects and advanced BIM files the firm had created up to that point in the firms history. The file used some of most cutting edge technology and techniques for linking live information together. The project was also one of the first IDP style projects that the firm participated in. Prior to this project, and my participation with the firm, the firm had limited engagement in individual files integrated with multiple teams, and multiple members. This project set a precedent in how the firm operates on a production files used for contract documents within studios. Prior to this project the firm had individual projects accessed by one user at a time. Now they have one file that is used by various people and various types of teams, among various disciplines in real-time.

Also while at this firm my I was the project BIM leader and Studio BIM Leader for the design of a 180,000 hopsital addition which required highly accurate BIM design. One connection through an existing area way was so complex that to properly integrate the new design with the existing hosptial, I suggested the use of laser scanning technology to accurately capture all the sizes and locations of pipes to a tolerance of 1/64”. This provided an accurate representation of the area, and we were able to design around potential conflicts with ease. Which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

I provided construction administration for a 4 story medical office building. This project was very unique and benefited greatly from the integration of an accurate BIM model. I moved to this project in an effort to get experience in Construction Administration as apart of my experience requirement for the Internship Development Program (IDP; NCARB). Shortly after opening up the file for the first time I realized that the project had been schematically designed but had never been synchronized with what was actually designed by the consultants. The added complexity in this project was the addition of the needs of future tenants, ranging in project scope from a breast care center, to radiology treatment. From my first day on the project it was race against time to make adjustments to the working drawings to avoid potential costly errors and omissions in the contract documents. Adding to the challenge was the requirement to integrate the T.I. design changes into the shell construction. This project defined a new method for project delivery that harnessed multiple team collaboration in modular live files. The technique relates to how shell and core projects are executed in parallel while the project was in construction, with very stringent code, life safety, and owner/tenant requirements. There ended up being addendum or changes issued to over 100 sheets of documents.

Jun 2007 - Feb 2009

Gregg Abel Design and Construction, Laguna Beach, CA, US, Freelance Draftsmen

Here I was responsible for the initial drawings that would become the base drawings of the designer. The designer would draw on top of the information I generated. The lead designer was also a contractor and thus the projects were mostly design build oriented. Fast paced and very well coordinated and synchronized. As a team we all had individual parts and everyone was using the same BIM platform so we became very quick and producing a working set of drawings, that were approved through the cities rigorous design review board.

Jan 2005 - Jun 2007

Little, West Covina, CA, US, Intern, Architectural Assistant

Provided office related assistance to architects, and business development managers. Assisted in the delivery of documents to architects of record. Assisted in the organization of drawings, specifications, and materials boards for large projects.

Jan 2000 - Sep 2002

JRMA Architects Engineers, Brea, CA, US, Intern, Business Development Associate, Office Manager

Provided the firm with some just-in-time solutions to a waning project out look in a week market. Provided the firm with a clear task of developing a new integrated marketing campaign; which included the redevelopment and design of the companies mission, vision, business plan, marketing plan, marketing plan, website design, business card design, letter head, and other brand related materials. Managed the business and office related tasks of the companies’ satellite branch.

Mar 2001 - Aug 2002


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Pomona, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 1999 - Jun 2007


Graphisoft US Nationally Recognized Intern, Award

Each year Graphisoft United States picks the top 3 interns that have shown exemplar work and utilization of Archicad.


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