Wannenmacher-Möller Architekten GmbH

Wannenmacher-Möller Architekten GmbH

Bielefeld, DE


Office and industrial building Tuxhorn

The lack of options for expansion at its old location necessitated the relocation of the Gebr. Tuxhorn company, a leading German manufacturer of valve and pump assemblies for hydraulic control of thermal solar, heating and fresh water systems. The new location is in idyllic surroundings in the south of Bielefeld and offers adequate space for optimal operations and for expansion. The individual areas of activity were arranged such that building extensions would not interrupt business operations.


This is made possible by a linear flow of production, where the goods are delivered at the southern side of halls, assembly takes place in the middle and the finished products are picked, packaged and shipped on the northern side. In front of the halls is a two-storey building connected to the halls via single storey staff facilities. All the offices are located on the first floor and reception, display, canteen, meeting and seminar rooms are on the ground floor. The offices are open plan. For reasons of confidentiality and acoustic damping of frequent phone calls, only the management, personnel department and sales areas are partitioned off by glass walls.


The halls have relatively large window areas, offering the staff expansive views of the surrounding landscape and creating a pleasant working ambience, as do the laminated wooden roof trusses.

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Status: Built
Location: Bielefeld, DE