Wannenmacher-Möller Architekten GmbH

Wannenmacher-Möller Architekten GmbH

Bielefeld, DE


Alteration of Wannenmacher + Möller offices

The residential and office building erected about 50 years ago served as the Wannenmacher + Möller architects’ head office ever since 1968. As the company expanded, more and more residential apartments were vacated and given over to office space. The mission was to remedy the resulting functional limitations by means of a few structural changes, thereby also revitalising the appearance of the premises.  All the suspended plasterboard ceilings and dry walls surrounding the offices and conference rooms on the ground floor were removed and replaced to this end with expanded metal ceiling canopies and glass walls. White string curtains act as screens without completely sacrificing transparency. The wall-to-wall carpeting across the entire ground floor was replaced by continuing the existing basalt flooring at the entrance. Oak was used for the doors and the new staircase, creating a warm contrast to the rather cool surfaces of the floor, walls and ceiling.

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Status: Built
Location: Germany, Bielefeld
Firm Role: Architect