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Virginia Commonwealth University Basketball Development Center

The new VCU Basketball Practice Facility is designed as a place of pride and
inspiration for players and coaches, as a source of amazement for fans and
donors, and as an awe-inspiring point of reassurance for young recruits. The
building is at once fresh and also timeless — a comfortable place to play and work every day.

Located on West Marshall Street, north of the Siegel Center, the new VCU Basketball Practice Facility provides both the men’s and women’s programs with state-of-the-art facilities in one 58,000 square foot, two-story building that will aid in recruiting and player/team development. The design celebrates the activities within the facility and strives to connect fans and passersby to the VCU Rams basketball programs. Clerestory lighting and expanses of translucent glass foster a sense of openness and fellowship with the surrounding campus community. Inside the facility, hubs of activity recall the vigorous momentum of the men’s “Havoc” and women’s “Fury” basketball programs and relay this focused energy palpably to passersby.

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Status: Built
Location: Richmond, VA, US
Additional Credits: Photography by Alan Karchmer