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University of Florida Housing Master Plan

The University of Florida Housing Master Plan supports the transformation of Florida's flagship university to become a Top-5 public university with “top-5 facilities and a top-5 campus.” The Housing Master Plan provides both a road map and a vision for UF to develop residential facilities, a new honors college, and athletics housing, among other projects.

It is grounded in thorough research, influenced by academic scholarship, and rooted in a detailed understanding of the University’s existing facilities and conditions. The recommendations of this plan are intended to create a bold yet realistic vision of how renewed housing facilities at the University of Florida can support a signature UF experience and strengthen its position as a preeminent national university.

Housing Master Plan Goals

1. Supporting a Signature UF Experience: The “UF signature housing experience” should be a catalyst for enhancing education. By improving both the housing facilities and the program of the existing housing program, the University will support students’ social and academic engagement in a way that is unique to being a Gator. This means creating community at every scale of each residence hall while using the residential experience to connect students with the support and rich experiences that UF has to offer.

2. Contribute to a Vibrant Campus Life: Focusing on new and renovated housing in the core of campus will strengthen both the residential experience and the vitality of the campus as a whole. Undergraduate housing especially should be located in the campus core in neighborhoods that provide adequate support services and resources. The placement and design of student housing should contribute to a University-wide effort to establish a powerful sense of place on campus. With strong pedestrian connections and sensitive building massing, these buildings will be woven into the larger UF landscape to strengthen a vibrant, interconnected campus experience.

3. Balance Financial Accessibility with Quality Facilities: Providing equity in the residential experience throughout the housing system is a high priority for the University. So is maintaining its historic commitment to the high-quality service and maintenance of its residence halls. For the implementation of this plan to be successful, the University will also balance the pricing approach to promote equity among residents throughout the housing system while maintaining a high-quality standard for operations and maintenance.

4. Maintain Student Choice and Fiscal Responsibility: UF housing must continue to be financially successful in order to allow for new construction and reinvestment to occur. This will mean care in balancing revenue with expenses to accommodate capital projects. Although the University will benefit from expanding its residential population, the inventory must be sized to anticipate UF’s valued “Choice within a Framework” model, allowing students to choose whether they live on campus or not.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Gainesville, FL, US
Firm Role: Lead Planner