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Entangled Agency

Commissioned by the University of Washington for the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, Entangled Agency strives to capture the true complexities of governance, planning, and policy making.

Public policy, leadership, and governance are studied and developed to harness or guide forces for the larger public good. This art installation endeavors to be a reminder and inspiration to the University of Washington public service community as they embark on their important work. In this spirit, the installation is an abstraction of the two main elements at the heart of public policy and governance—complex, dynamic networks and the individuals affected by those forces. While the networks and correlating forces exist at the largest scales – city, regional, national, and global – the piece prompts us to remember policy must be designed to promote equity and inclusion and to provide for the wellbeing of the smallest elements in the system, such as an individual or a neighborhood.

The piece represents dynamic forces through a network of bent brass rods suspended from the second-floor ceiling. Entwined within and integral to the network are connecting components representing individuals. These components vary in shape and scale to remind us of the unique autonomy of each person. They are shaped around the forces indicating that individuals have agency to influence and guide—a gesture to the concept of decentralized rather than hierarchical networks.

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Status: Built
Location: Seattle, WA, US