Vedi Vartani

Vedi Vartani

Glendale, CA, US


The Abbey of Los Angeles

Phenomenologically humans do not dwell on the present moment - we
anticipate the future or reminisce about past. In our destination driven
society the focus has been obtaining future goals in a way that often takes
away from the joy of the journey. The Abbey of Los Angeles, through its
various productive actions and spaces, aims to unsettle the pragmatic
work habits , transforming work into a contemplative act and turning everyday
ordinary occurrences into extraordinary phenomena.
The architecture of this Monastery explores the possibilities of deconstructing
habitual actions and thoughts through orchestrating a series of surreal
places and sublime atmospheres. The visitor should be able to unlearn and
learn constantly, therefore the project will become a school of thought, a
place of contemplation, the temple of “Now” focusing on the ephemeral
nature of the moment.

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Status: School Project