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Utopus Studio

New York, NY


Simulation Laboratories

Overview- The Simulation Laboratories constitute the main teaching facilities of the NYU Kriser Dental School. Located on the top floor of the NYU Dental School building, the project brief called for a space that responds technically and programmatically to the academic needs while bringing a sense of softness and continuity to the ex¬isting space. The program includes two large combination classroom and teaching laboratories, general laboratories, a darkroom, lockers, storage, monitoring stations, and an auditorium.

The new teaching methodology also required the installation of large number of dental stations, robots and lab benches. The equipment represented a visual, spatial and acoustical challenge for the dis¬tribution of the program. As a response to attain a softer soft, more enclosed space, we created two wall systems: the first a curvilin¬ear plastic wall running along the inside of each cell for all the wet equipment; and the second a convex/concave wood wall along the outside perimeter supporting workstations and storage systems

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect