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Usual Studio|OMAHA Office in Hangzhou/Lin Jingrui

OMAHA office area is about 1140㎡, and is located in Liangzhu Culture Village, Hangzhou. The original site was abandoned for a long time before and now is a space integrating office R&D, conference report, enterprise display, and reception. The overall design revolves around the theme of “low carbon and friendliness”. Usual Studio tried to design a modern, ecological and open digital medical research institute office through the use of materials and colors and the control of space.

Under the space theme of “Digital Medical Technology”, Usual Studio explored the way how spaces reformation realizes the advantages and disadvantages of the space so as to create a friendly and ecological office environment at a low cost. During the period, many useful attempts were made, and here are three strategies of the project design as follows.

Since the original site is a semi-transparent glass building with exposed glass at the top of the lobby, shutters are added at the top of the lobby. When the light passes through the glass, shadows may be shaped according to the illumination angle at different times. In order to adjust the indoor lighting without blocking the outdoor landscape. At the same time, the original compartment was opened, and the wall structure was replaced by floor-to-ceiling glass to form an open office space and extend the natural light to the interior and make maximum use of natural resources.

The office space was divided into areas to meet different office needs, and reduces the energy consumption of large space. The double door at the entrance is designed to energy saving and heat insulation. The designs not only improve the efficiency of space uses, but also emphasize the benefits of ecological environment and resources, and optimizes the office environment.

In the open area, the whiteboard for employees to record creative ideas at any time, adding fun and vitality to the office. Considering users needed to store lunches and drinks, and to reflect friendliness and care, this space set with refrigerator. The book bar creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Sun room by the book bar, which makes the space more likely to be used, like make speech, or hold a cocktail party event, etc.

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Status: Built
Location: Hangzhou,China
My Role: Interior Design: Usual Studio
Additional Credits: Project Name: OMAHA Office in Hangzhou

Interior Design: Usual Studio

Designer: Lin Jingrui

Team:Wen Hsin,Tong Chaochao , Wang Kunhui 

Project Consultant: Han Jie


Project Year:2018

Photographer:Yin Yong

Images:Usual Studio