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Honeycomb Gardening System™

Honeycomb Gardening System™

This module stacking system is comprised of four separate panels that are connected together to create a single system. These modules can then be stacked or connected together to create a larger planting system for inside the home or on a garden patio.

The aluminum frame is the superstructure which receives the planter cups which can grow small vegetables, herbs, and other plants. The Honeycomb Gardening System™ can stand alone as a single unit or it can be coupled with multiple units to maximum gardening in a small space.

The idea behind the The Honeycomb Gardening System™ is that it brings gardening back to the apartment and small space dwellings. This system not only provides an elegant addition to ones home but enables the users to actively participate in the growth and cultivation of the food they eat.

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Status: Built
Location: Your home or office
Firm Role: Design, Fabrication