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Denver Art Museum - In Bloom Installation

Lilypads and Petals is a modification of StudioTJOA's macro crochet Lilypads. The installation, commissioned by the Denver Art Museum, takes the Lilypads and forms them into cupping petals by weaving irrigation tubing through the perimeter loops and fastening the ends with hose clamps. 

These petals are then bundled together to create a trunk structure which then is slotted into the existing cluster of undulating Sonotubes (designed by Gensler Denver). When all the bundles are in place the petals are then connected to adjacent bundles so that each trunk structure is integrated into the larger whole. 

Each Lilypad was crocheted by hand from a large spool of 1" foam that was custom made in purple for this installation. 

The exhibition will be on display until mid-September, 2015. 

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Status: Built
Location: Denver, CO, US
Firm Role: Design, Fabrication, Installation
Additional Credits: Tinkermill Maker Space: Staging and Storage

Initial Concept
Initial Concept