Martine Ilana

Martine Ilana

Franklin, MI, US


Marina Del Rey Watch Factory

Marina Del Rey Watch Factory

La Mer Collections, a Watch and Jewelry brand based out of Los Angeles, had grown out of its small Venice Beach studio space. The company values bright colors, nature and the spirit of adventure. They wanted their new studio space, and in tandem factory production facility, to have an open floor plan, in order for its team to collaborate. They also wanted this manufacturing facility to capture its employee’s daily interactivity with its handcrafted production methods.

The space started out raw and empty. As a result, each room was considered with care in its space planning, function and how its design could show off the beautiful raw materials that each of La Mer Collections' watches were manufactured from.

Simple color schemes such as the company's trio of turquoise blues, were scattered through out the facility, and the bathroom’s captured a ’Sunrise and Sunset’ theme nodding back company’s values of nature. The furniture was custom made to fit the needs of each craft person's requirements, and the leather + jewelry inventory, was highlighted an art installation.

This Design & Factory space proved to be unique, whimsical and productive, which allowed the brand’s company culture to thrive.

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Status: Built
Location: Marina del Rey, CA, US
My Role: Interior Designer, Construction Manager, Space Planner, Furniture Designer, Product Designer
Additional Credits: Goldhaber Design