Teagan Castellon

Teagan Castellon

Calabasas, CA, US


Re Purposed

The refining process of the Climate Change Research Center takes into account the closing of the HOVENSA Oil
Refinery by re-commissioning its refining mechanisms. Scavenged parts once used to support non renewable
energy become a new paradigm that supports a clean, environmentally responsive energy. Rather than housing
petroleum, the cylindrical tank is repurposed to house the study of the preservation of natural resources on St. Croix.
The once singular use of the refinery tanks now become adaptive in the Research Center. The cylindrical tank is both
de-constructed and used as a whole. The multiplicity of the singular component facilitates the dynamic and active
program of the Research Center.
Similar to how the project looks inwardly to environmentally sensitive responses, the exhibition program does the
same in relation to the maritime research areas. This focus inwards highlights the research centers, which are the
heart of the building. The soon to be de-commissioned refinery that was once the economic stimulus of St. Croix has
now found its root purpose in preserving the ecologies found on the island. The vernacular architecture of the island
suggests a deep porch approach. By defining program around central closed systems, the overall energy footprint is
reduced. These two moves allow the building to explore passive systems and create ways of gaining energy. The
building is optimized to harvest the windward breeze of St. Croix to produce energy for the building and island as

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Status: School Project
Location: Virgin islands, saint coix
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Brian Deiaz