Tamim Aljefri

Tamim Aljefri

New York, NY, US


Bedford-Stuyvesant Community Center

We wanted to create an architecture that facilitates social activities without disturbing the residential neighborhood. An architecture that blends in the background, and that orchestrates the events without imposing itself onto the site. As an urban scale project, it was important for us to provide half of the site’s footprint to the public, this was done by cutting and dispersing the program throughout the drill hall space, and permeating along with the site, a continuous open space that spans the whole block. This continuous open space is organized via a series of plazas/courtyards that run along with the project and act as the access point to the programs. The use of brick in the project came from the desire to extend the material language that exists on the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Design Partner: Yunha Choi