Tamim Aljefri

Tamim Aljefri

New York, NY, US


A Different Domain: Live-Work

This project focuses on the notion of the work/live typology. As the shift in trend to work from home increases, more office spaces in the city are being vacated. Firms are either downsizing or switching to a hybrid work model. This led to the question of what would happen to the current office workspaces? What will it mean to go to work? And what is the new work/live relationship?

We wanted to create a work/live environment that allows for more kinship, intimacy, affordability, and flexibility. Our site is located on Park Ave. and 53rd St. The block contains 2 commercial buildings (Seagrams and 600 Lexington) and 1 high-end residential building (100 est 51st).
The Seagrams building is a stereotype of the conventional office building and how the current relationship between the home and workspace has developed. The newest addition to the block, 100 east 51st by Norman Foster is one of the luxurious high-end condominiums in Manhattan.  We chose the site because it was important for us to understand what this new relationship between the residential typology and office typology would be.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer - Group Project
Additional Credits: Partner - Yunha Choi