Taller David Dana Arquitectura

Taller David Dana Arquitectura

México Distrito Federal, MX



San Francisco California 2010
The conservation of an historical site, to maximize its potential for future development.
I am very passionate in the Role of “Innovation and Conservation” in our worldwide history.

In this case I am proposing to preserve the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to trigger an economy based on existing opportunities in the surroundings.                    
Having in mind that the objective is to design innovative forms of public space I am proposing a system of local manufacture and development on site that integrates a program of craftsmanship, agriculture, and vertical farming. Flexibility, Adaptability, Deployability and Prefabrication, were some of the explored concepts for the creation of this promenade of modular architecture.
In this particular context “The Bay Area” I found great potential in the topic of local development of food, and craftsmanship. In my personal experience I found this region full of diversity and creativity, 'and in great need of artistic expression'.                    
Having a big demographic statistics of young people, made me think of the combination of both; vertical Farming & Arts and Crafts, for the envisioning of this project.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: Design