Studio DIAA

Studio DIAA



Ocean Residence

Area: 7,800 sf
Completed: 2018
Typology: Multi-Unit Housing Residence
Scope: Interior Design Furnishings

Two condominiums within an existing building with direct views to the city and the ocean were combined to form a generous, single story plan responding to all daylight orientations. A dark wood circulation core composed of African limba wood performs as the heart of the residence. Two ends to the east and west draw the light into the core utilizing pale tones of hand troweled plaster and concrete. Key furniture pieces respond to the warm and neutral tones found within the plaster, concrete, and wood. Golden brass and bronze accents are introduced throughout to catch light. Varying shades of orange, blues, and reds pop amidst the neutral canvas to respond to the native flora and fauna of southern Florida. Lightness, softness, and breathability are further introduced through woven textiles, baskets, and floor coverings.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Firm Role: Interior Design Furnishings
Additional Credits: Collaboration: Interior architecture during conceptual and schematic design (while in the employ of mwworks)
Architect: MWworks (interior architecture)
Photography: Kevin Scott