Studio DIAA

Studio DIAA



Madrona Courtyard Residence

Area: 3,500 sf
Completed: 2018
Typology: Single Family Residence

Sited on a hill sloping towards eastern views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains beyond, this home for a vibrant family of four carefully weaves together their rituals of daily life with an awareness of the site’s existing natural elements. Garden courts washed in natural light and lush with native vegetation are delicately carved out between earthen concrete masses, giving a meditative pause between the active living spaces. These negative spaces create a foreground of intimacy with light, earth, air, and native plantings, in contrast to the expansive framed vistas of water, mountains, and sky that are ever present in the diWstance beyond. The upper volume nestles the bedroom spaces into tree canopies above, modulating daylight, privacy and views with delicate wooden screens. The home acts as a lens that gives material presence to the ephemeral qualities of life and place.

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Status: Built
Location: Seattle, WA, US
Firm Role: Architecture, design, and project management throughout all phases while in the employ of mw works. Interior design completed as an independent collaborator.
Additional Credits: Photography: Kevin Scott