studio 4e

studio 4e

Palermo, IT


A private Chapel

Adolf Loos said that “only a small part of architecture belongs to art: tombs and monuments”. Funerary architecture has a highly expressive value encompassing the loving act of those who commisioned it, the sign of an insurmountable desire to defeat death through memory. The tomb, a place of remembrance, moves at the same time towards a new life.

The form of this private chapel, just 3 meters by 3 meters, symbolically manifests this desire for eternity. The structure has two levels: the lower level marks the entrance to the chapel through two large rough-hewn blocks of marble, positioned so as to metaphorically evoke the memory of the stone rolled away from the tomb of the risen Christ. The upper level, a contrast of lightness and simplicity, is made of pure white plaster to represent the spirit that is separated from the materiality of earthly life, with its cares and labours, and ascends to a spiritual dimension to reach Heaven and “return to being the purest divine spark”. The cross, light and weihtless symbol of resurrection, embrace the entire monument and appears suspended in the sky, binding the passage of the spirit, wich annuls the self to return to God, with a line cut into the material.








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Status: Built
Location: Sicily, Italy