studio 4e

studio 4e

Palermo, IT


2C House

A flowing dynamism in line with the purposes of the environment is behind the design of this house located in southwestern Sicily and built for a young couple interested in architecture and art.

Starting from passageway management, the different rooms have been divided according to time and different usages by enlarging or contracting the provided spaces according to the usage dynamics and the possible interactions established by the users. All this is achieved by the use of a few interventions, as to immediately orient who moves inside, as the continuous wall in dark plaster that unites the living  and the lunch area and, with a slight rotation relative to the axis of the house,  generates at each moment different and suggestive views.

The toilet block, at the center of the house, consists of the laundry and guest bathroom. Their entrances are perfectly camouflaged by invisible doors, as not to alter the continuity of the ribbon wall.

The house volumes are fluid and versatile due to the large sliding doors separating the kitchen from the study. A big multifunction piece of furniture in Zebrano wood,  set at the center of the house and including a wardrobe and two sliding etched glass doors conceived as a real landscape object, is an important visual linchpin -recognizable from the different rooms.

The modularity of the light, the center of the perceptual and sensory research, used in this instance as project matter, brings together the different rooms of this house and elicit different emotional states. So it is possible to move from the dim light of the entranceway into the brightness of the living room with large glass windows from where it is possible to admire the picturesque sight -enhanced as a texture of a strong visual impact- of the rock wall coasting the house. A white cabinet with wood inserts, customized as the whole furniture, hides the television set.

The sleeping area on the first floor is accessed via an opencast spiral staircase made with selected black granite. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms can be found here. The main bedroom, designed as a suite, has inside a walk-in closet, a large bathroom clad in dark wood, furnished with  a hydromassage bath tub and a shower, and a sun terrace for relaxation and contemplation of the natural landscape. 








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Status: Built
Location: Trapani
Firm Role: Designers