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Red Chimney

Red Chimney, a guest house, translates a chimney, an architectural element, to a new figure and program. Instead of conducting smoke, the oversized chimney, filled with various plants and allowing natural light and ventilation, holds diverse programs and functions. The chimney is popped up over the rigorous linear volume and exaggerated roof horizon. It is located between single family residence and guest rooms’ area and plays a vital role as a buffer between owner and guests. At the same time, it contains music, books and foods so that it becomes the place for social dining and rest space.

The design of the house is primarily based on the site context. The 150-feet-long-single story building is located in the middle of tangerine tree grove. Small courtyards of each guest rooms directly relate to the surrounding in its privacy, visibility and activities. Narrow and vertical windows towards the trees carefully curate incoming light and expand views to the surroundings. Visitors discover and observe ever changing condition of the sky and the tangerine field that become part of their special experience in a horizontal bisect above and below. The distinctive volumetric identity moves deliberately away from its vernacular neighbor but associates with the nearby houses with traditional function of chimney creating an interesting dialogue between the two. 

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Status: Built
Location: Jeju, KR