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Seaholm Power Plant Re-Development

The Seaholm Power Plant, a 118,000 sf, historic Art Deco industrial structure, was originally commissioned in 1948 to meet the growing electricity needs in Austin, Texas. After the iconic building closed its doors to the public in 1989, Austinites have yearned to restore this nostalgic site. For years, the plant lay in a dormant state; Landscaping became overgrown as windows cracked and graffiti gathered. Prompted by citizens’ desires to save what had become a beloved structure and part of the Lady Bird Lake landscape, in 2004, the Austin City Council requested proposals for re-development partners. With the rejuvenation of the power plant, the Seaholm Power Plant Re-Development came to life as a 7.8-acre neighborhood development, which also includes a low-rise and a residential tower. The two-story low-rise offers over 67,000 sf of mixed-use space including retail, salons and office space surrounding a one-acre public plaza. The 30-story high-rise offers 280 luxury condos over 615,000 sf. The power plant and low-rise are both LEED Gold® and all three buildings in the development received four stars from the Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) program for sustainability.

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Status: Built
Location: Austin, TX, US