Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Bridgehampton, NY



Located in an environmentally sensitive area, this house was built to replace an existing non-conforming structure occupying the same footprint. A pool house and pool were added to the adjoining and eventually merged lot. Staying sensitive to the areas vegetation and proximity to water, the two structures speak to each other across elevated decks and living areas. They are built on piles with breakaway walls that allow for flooding to come through as needed, while leaving the structures intact. Acknowledging the wear and tear of the seaside setting led to the use of teak siding, decking, and window and door frames. The teak is intentionally left to weather naturally to allow the buildings to grey out and recede into the setting over time. The house was designed for an active family who likes to entertain. The living area on the main floor easily opens up to the water facing deck, allowing for indoor outdoor living. A private guest suite is accessed off the family room on this level, while family rooms take in the breathtaking views on the upper floor. Here too, everyone shares access to decks and views, with the master suite in the most prominent location. The family loves water sports. The lower level otherwise uninhabitable, becomes a storage area for canoes and kayaks. The lower level of the pool house provides ample storage for sea vehicles as well. Special consideration is taken into account for the passage of the sun, providing overhangs to cut out the summer rays. Shading elements throughout prevent unwanted heat gain, while operable fenestration allows for cross breezes and natural cooling. Landscaping here is minimal, with no added fill, which may disturb the natural setting.

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Status: Built
Location: Sagaponack, NY, US
Firm Role: Architecture