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Vision on Wilshire

Vision on Wilshire rises 18 stories above Los Angeles’ iconic Wilshire Boulevard and offers unobstructed views of the area including the Hollywood Hills and downtown Los Angeles. A simple shifting of the project’s massing creates the appearance of two slender towers. This move also helps to define the corner of Wilshire and Crescent Heights, establishing a welcoming entry plaza for the project. The tower houses 150 studio, one-, two-, and three- bedroom residences, including large penthouses suites to provide the necessary variety to meet the market demand. The residential units sit atop 6,000 SF of retail space along Wilshire Blvd and above- and below-grade parking. A continuous, unifying, architectural language connects the above-grade parking podium and the residential units. In response to the regular and efficient stacking of the units on the tower, we developed a cellular pattern that shifts from level-to-level within the facade. This apparently randomized pattern interrupts the scale and gives the structure a lively, dynamic quality. Vision on Wilshire offers amenities that cater to residents and the local community. The development includes a skydeck with a pool and clubroom, fitness centers and lounges. The compelling landscaping throughout the site extends to a dedicated park along Crescent Heights Blvd that welcomes the public and gives back to the neighborhood.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Additional Credits: MATT Construction, Contractor
Mr. Important, Public Space Interior Design