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University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hamel Music Center

This innovative design welcomes the community, along with students and faculty, to create and experience great musical moments, serving as a gateway to the campus and the arts. 

A key focus of the design of the new Hamel School of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are spaces that welcome artistic expression. Hamel Music Center was designed to prepare students to perform at the highest professional standards while allowing faculty to deliver exceptional educational experiences. 

Through a series of visioning sessions, programming workshops, predesign charrettes, informational presentations and guided tours of performing arts centers around the country, the pre-design process included over 100 stakeholders, performers, and community participants. The program and planning culminated in a three-story building featuring an 661-seat concert hall, a 314-seat recital hall, and related support spaces. The facility is used for approximately 350 events annually performed by faculty, students, and touring guests. The concert and recital halls will accommodate symphonies and chamber orchestras, solos, quartets and choral concerts.

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Status: Built
Location: Madison, WI, US