Stan Mlynski

Stan Mlynski

Poznan, PL


old dockyard

The plot is by the river, near the old river dockyard. The building is planned to contain two functions: harbourage for water trolley and museum of river shipping. The service space occupies -1level. It holds  ticket places, trade space and toilets. Travellers reach ship from underwater level b special water-resistant lift.  Museum part takes tree next levels. The whole building is cut with glass tube (with old river hauler wreck inside) supported with ramps allowing people to visit interior. Destroyed  industrial buildings of factory STOMIL, close to the plot, by it is brutal presence are giving a little bit of anxiety to this place. The context is additionally strengthened by its history. Construction, form and materials are inspired by dockyard buildings in Gdańsk, “ship wreck cemetery” in Ustka and details found at the plot.

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Status: School Project
Location: Poznan, PL