Sung Su Kim

Sung Su Kim

Los Angeles, CA, US



Development at   Wolf  Point in   Chicago integrates four different programs into one building,  creating a  vertical city.  We based our design on Kevin Lynch’s  five urban elements   (paths,  edges, nodes, districts,  and landmarks).  We incorporated these ideas into different spaces within the building.   Other important considerations for design included views for the various programs and an emphasis on the Chicago  River.  

The building has  72  floors above ground and three underground floors for parking.  Creating frames with the spaces between two towers let the view of the river and provides the use with a procession experience down to the river level. It also allows the neighboring Sun-Times building to maintain some of its views to the river.  The office / residential tower has a slightly smaller footprint than the hotel tower, allowing for more space between the hotel tower and the street on the Northeast side of the site. This creates space for a vehicular drop-off and also creates a  wider,  more inviting passageway to the site. There are six levels of amenities for the hotel,  office and residential creating a horizontal bar between the three volumes. The West side of the site includes a sunken public plaza,  attracting pedestrians and drivers from the nearby bridge. Space along the river contains a wooden pathway and various verdant green spaces. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Team member
Additional Credits: Scott Hu, Maryrose Zbezinski